Buy and sell debt portfolios via real-time auction

We support both parties in the transaction process, ensuring transparency and secure information exchange.

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Who are we for?


BidFinance enables the most effective sale of debt portfolios on the best possible market terms.

By working with BidFinance, you get:

Access to all buyers in the market

Active pre-sale of your portfolios

Constant support in the portfolio sales process

More information for sellers


Energy companies


City offices

Loan companies B2B/B2C


Leasing companies

Insurance companies

Logistics companies

Secondary market


BidFinance removes all barriers to access to sellers' debt portfolios.

By working with BidFinance you get:

Access to debt portfolios

All portfolios and documentation in one place

Transparent purchasing process

More information for buyers

Debt collection companies

Investment funds

Law firms

Private investors

BidFinance connects all buyers and sellers of debt portfolio market. Each of them will find what they are looking for - buyers will find portfolios that meet their requirements, and sellers will receive the best price offer for their portfolios.

Zenia Karastoyanov

CEO, BidFinance

How BidFinance Platform works?

BidFinance optimizes the process of buying and selling debt portfolios

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Placing the portfolio on the platform (1-2 days)

The seller, in cooperation with the BidFinance team, prepares the portfolio and the necessary documentation, setting the parameters of the auction.

All buyers admitted to the auction receive a notification about the new, upcoming auction.

Portfolio valuation (7-30 days)

Buyers evaluate the portfolio based on the documents in the VDR and can communicate with the Seller via public Q&A.

Real-time auction (15 min - 2 h)

Only Buyers approved by the Seller can make bids during the auction.

The Seller decides on the duration of the auction. In practice, the auction lasts from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Auction results and formalization of the contract

The Seller selects the best offer and contacts the Buyer directly to finalize the agreement.

We are introducing a new standard for debt portfolios trading


We guarantee transparency and give full control over the process of selling debt portfolios. After each auction, we send a detailed report on the auction results.


We ensure full data security using advanced IT solutions based on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Constant support

We provide constant support in communication between sellers and buyers, which speeds up the entire tender process.

Access to VDR

We provide access to the necessary documentation needed to value debt portfolios in one place.

Public Q&A

We provide a public, anonymised Q&A, thanks to which buyers obtain answers to their questions, ensuring information symmetry.

Market Intelligence

Take part in auctions and gain access to aggregate data on the debt portfolio trading market.

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Zenia Karastoyanov

CEO & Founder

Piotr Szacillo

Country Manager, Polska

Andrzej Dębiec

Business Development Manager

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Compliance and security

BidFinance ensures complete security of private data